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Creating Everything You Need

Jose De La Roca

Digital Marketing

Jose has developed digital content for brands such as USC, TuneIn, Fatburger, Nissan, Live Bearded, Verizon, and many radio stations. His unique, fun, and creative ways of engaging consumers have made thousands of dollars for its customers and have brought brand recognition too from these brands. Check some of Jose's work down below and don’t hesitate to contact him anytime!

Social Media Marketing

Jose's creativity and video and audio skills are utilized to create engaging content for brands to increase customer engagement.

Using Mobile Phones

Audio Production

Jose edits and produces daily audio for TuneIn and USC athletics.


Jose has twice traveled the country as a bilingual Emcee with Nissan and Verizon and can help bring a little bit of fun and flavor to any event. 

 Headphones Floating
Candies Out the Jar

Audio Marketing

Jose has written, recorded and produced commercials for many brands and radio stations across the nation.

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